This is a mess of stuff that I found an copied here either becasue I want to reference it often, I want to reference it and I'm afraid it will disappear later, or simply for posterity. I've tried to give attribution to the original source when it is really just copy pasta.

links Some bookmarks I want to look at later
jargon file AKA: The New Hacker's Dictionary
Sony A300 field guide Sony A300
tipmonkies-distros My tipmonkies article on linux distros
Steve Jobs Keys Steve Jobs reaction to an Apple Keyboard in 1996
Dropbox CLI Info How to use Dropbox CLI with Linux
Adopting a new master password How to create and memorize a new master password
Linux Notes Random unix/*nix cli stuff
Mac Survival mc's mac survival guide from
My Computers Typically outdated description of some of the computers and software I have used.
SDF Unix Intro SDF focused unix tutorial I grabbed from the copy.
craphound I wholesale copied docs about lifehacks from Corey Doctrow's site
emergency elisp Steve Yegge's Emergency Elisp
Essential C (PDF) PDF of C basics from stanford
History and Spirit of C Video - the history and spirit of C - Olve Maudal
How I do My Computing Pinboard archive of some how I do my computing I bookmarked years ago that was missing
Look Like a Unix guru How to look like a unix guru
OpenBSD 6.6 on a laptop Tutorial from